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About Literally Leelee

Get it... fitness with a "twist"... because flexibility is bendy and twisty... anyhoo

Hi, I'm Leelee!  Thank you so much for stopping by.  I would love to help you achieve your flexibility and fitness goals. 

Why did I create a Patreon?
Through out my 10+ years of dance and circus, I have been getting requests to share my fitness and flexibility techniques. 

What can you expect to see here:
Mostly my personal silly fitness endeavors.  We may explore a few other areas together too.  I do love to paint and I'm starting to enjoy video editing... Who knows what will show up on this page! 

Please Read before signing up:  I do not provided nude or sexual photos or videos.  There are so many amazing people who enjoy providing this.  I encourage you to find a few of them  :)  

Please remember, to consult your medical &/or fitness professional when trying new workouts or diets. I am not a doctor or medical professional. Please stop your work out or stretching if you feel pain. Remember, there are always modifications to improve what ever you are working on.  There is always another way to have a fun experience.  :)  DM me anytime about this stuff I'm always happy to help.
$162 of $300 per month
I have so much fun showing you my life, but because of some silly health related things, my hands are so shaky!  Gah! 
I would love to purchase a stabilizer for my camera/phone.  Right now I have my heart set on the highly recommended DJI gimbal OSMO.

Please help me make better (less Shaky) videos for you!
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