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This is a rather basic tier, but one that helps nonetheless. I appreciate all those in this tier and hope you continue to pledge.
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This tier will help me out more than you could imagine. To anyone pledging to this tier, I thank you. I will be sure to add rewards at a later date, as I have nothing to offer at this time.
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I deeply appreciate those pledging to this tier, as you will help much more than you could imagine. I will be sure to add rewards at a later date, as I have nothing to offer at this time.




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About Law

Hello all, I am Law and I am as amateur as amateur gets at this, but slowly, through the support of you guys, I'll be able to refine my work and get a name for myself, and eventually a company. What do I do you may ask? Well it's simple, I create art (mainly sketches, nothing colored) and video games. As time passes and my fans grow, I may hopefully someday do this full time. I started creating these games after being entranced at the world of video games at a very young age. My hope is to make games not for profit, but for the enjoyment of the player. Whether it be 1 or 1 million, I wish to create games of the highest possible quality and have people enjoy thoroughly. I'd really appreciate it if you guys pledged at least a fraction of your money to help get me off the ground and begin a journey into something I wish to continue for as long as possible.

Here is my discord server if you wish to contact me personally or just hang out in it:
$0 of $100 per month
This goal will help way more than I will imagine, and should help me start to become better at my craft and buy programs to help me do so.
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