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About LittleWhiteDragonlet

Hello my loves!!! I'm Faelyn, but you might know me better as LittleWhiteDragonlet, or WhiteDragonet.

I don't have a set schedule for anything, but content will be posted as its created; thats why this account is monthly and not per post. Streams are an "if enough people pay for it" kind of thing! When I get interest, I'll make a poll to find out the best times for y'all.
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$1 gets you my eternal love and access to Adopts as soon as I finish them, instead of staggered over time as I do on FurAffinity and DeviantArt.

Also: livestreams! for $1 you can watch me draw

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Want to suggest an adopt theme/color palette/idea? You can now! You will also get first dibs, as it were, on the adopt(s) I create using your suggestion.

ALSO: early access to the regular art that I either forget to post on dA/FA or wait to post.
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WOOOO You get to see my sketches as soon as I scan them in, instead of waiting until I line and/or color them.

You also get a 20% discount on all adopts! Congrats dudes and dudettes.
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I love you. I am going to name my first child after you.

BUT in all seriousness, for $10 a month you can request 1! art piece a month. Most will (probably) be just sketches or colored sketches, but! Maybe I'll line/color/shade it! Who knows. (not me. I'm sorry.)

You also can get 50% off ANY adopt, posted here or on my dA/FA.

$0 of $250 per month
I can dedicate 1 day a week to JUST my art~!
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