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 As of right now I will be only do tier one for patrons if anyone is generous enough to support me, which don’t feel obligated, but I appreciate anything EACH MONTH! If you do tier one you will get 1 free commission of anything of your choosing and printed any size! Doesn’t sound like a lot but I figured it would be a nice start. You also will see more of my sketch videos and even some drawings that I haven’t shared! Anyway thanks for loving my art and checking out my Patron. 




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About Jessica Alexander

My name is Jessica, Jess, or Little bit. I’ve been called all three. I’ve been drawing since I can remember and I am still growing and learning. I am a graphic design major at the moment but it really doesn’t always help me express myself as much as my freelance art does. I felt like if I made a patreon account I could show the world what I have to offer and I just want people to see me through my work and enjoy it. Thank you for visiting my patreon page!
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My first goal is to get the community going with a hundred peeps in this community so we can share art styles, thoughts, and opinions!
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