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About Angela Edwards

Thank you so much for considering supporting me!

Welcome to my Patreon page. I appreciate you being here. Your support will help me develop monthly inspirational and informative videos about life, health, wellbeing and more.

You might know me best from my  Youtube Channel l started in January 2019. My channel was inspired when I turned 52 years old in 2019. My life was at a crossroad. I had grown up in a cult from birth till the age of 22. I eventually escaped and for the next 30 years I have struggled to deprogramme and get to grips with what I was taught. Over the course of my life, I suffered from mystery illnesses and was eventually diagnosed with a condition called Lupus. Despite these setbacks, I eventually developed a professional career in the corporate world as a qualified Human Resource practitioner, Personal Development Trainer and Coach. My Lupus disease forced me to give up my high pressured senior job in 2009 and I started my own business. This led me to fulfil my career dreams of becoming a freelance TV presenter, working in live TV for 7 years with a Craft Channel in the UK, becoming an author (7 books to date) and helping people fulfil their own dreams. In 2018, my health took a major downturn and I had to give up my TV freelance work. YouTube and social media is now my career choice and I hope to be successful via these mediums. I have a lot to share and starting my YouTube Channel is the means to reach the world, share my experience, express my creativity and help someone along the way. I will be sharing content about my experiences of being in a cult religion, my Lupus journey, health and wellbeing, jewellery making, lifestyle, beauty and fashion, and of course, using my professional coaching skills where needed.

My goal is to inspire others through sharing my experiences, provide inspirational tips, lifestyle hacks, instructional videos, product reviews, and more! The best way I can do that moving forward is to have help from people just like you. I want to work hard to capture and share content but in order to keep the dream alive and the inspiration flowing, I need your support so I can focus on sharing my adventure without worrying about other income streams.

Your monthly support will provide me with the basics I need to keep exploring, creating, and inspiring. In return, you will have my greatest appreciation and access to bonus items through creative content.  If you enjoy my content enough to be reading this, I am truly grateful that you're considering contributing the growth and development of my channel. Thank you, may our interests be bound evermore.

Thanks again for taking the time to consider supporting me! Even a single dollar a month goes a long way!

Live Life Happy,
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