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End and Begin your new week with vibrational melodies with crystal quartz meditation bowls with Reiki Master Kevion Devante plus motivational mantras by Positive Ashley.

For anyone new Meet the dynamic two for magical journey to reset, rejuvenate and restore your body for a beautiful week ahead. 

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  • (3) 11 minutes of morning mantras & meditation at 11:11am EST 
  • Full Chakra distant online attunement
  • Monthly/Weekly zen themes to keep your chakras aligned
  • Access to send private messages Q+A for spiritual interpretations. 
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Due to popular demand & passion we are finally able to provide weekly meditation series that will help elevate yogi's globally in one place! 

What makes this platform different from Facebook or Instagram? 

Well, Patron allows us to glow & grow with just our supporters!! We're not talking about just those who likes or just scrolls past our yoga post, but those specific individuals that seek more in depth insight on the spiritual realm & practices or want to interpret astrology and learn how crystal energy works. This place allows us to connect with just YOU & this specific audience!  Patrons will have access to private messages, forums, updates and special meditation immersions that will ONLY BE HOSTED HERE!




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About Livin' InnerG


From the rural Mississippi Delta to being on the doctoral path in Marietta, Georgia at LIFE University to become a chiropractor, the Yogi & Crystal Reiki Master Kevion Devanté studies as he currently purses the opportunity to artistically express the realizations of connectivity within the realms of science & spirituality for others seeking a more holistic forms of healthcare & wellness.

The ancient art of Reiki, the universal life force energy within us all, combined with the specific meta-physical healing properties of crystals allows practitioners like Kevion to tailor each individual healing session performed with the specific intentions the recipient wants to focus on to re-tune their energetic bio-field of that person, place or thing. There are many types of crystal with various energetic properties that K.D. has a unique level of mastery has acquired on how each stones is used with piezoelectric magnetic resonates. He incorporate a multitude musical & rhythmic techniques in his practice including meditations, breathing exercises, yoga, sound brainwave entrainments, chakra attunements etc. 

Kevion Devante' provides spiritual insights, guidance & methods of ascension.
His current motto, ”Explore the Charge” elaborates on the benefits of programming crystals and how to do so by incorporate them in the astral plane. Choosing the most suitable crystals intentfully can be critical task alone since there much collective knowledge and ether within Planet Earth. We all are capable of harness our power and construct our lives in full responsibility co-creating with The Higher Power of Creation.
Assess the energy in the your aura & living space by tuning in to the crystalline sounds to address any dis-ease or dis-harmonious energetic imbalances. Own the capacity, join us and use these tools to enhance control of your e-motional stimuli. My purpose in healing is far greater than a physical adjustment. I am dedicated to help holistically increase life's potential in every way including mentally and spiritually!
It is for everyone in need of care, that I gift my creativity, time, focus and attention too.
It is the YOU who make living worthwhile.

Become the Health to Love the Self.
Discover the "INNERG."
Unlock truths & determine your own DESTINY!
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When we reach 99 patrons, Ashley + Kevion will hire an editor to help release 2 meditation videos per week instead of 1 so that you can recharge your zen to help fulfill your week! 

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