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Hello there :)

well, here we are.
the next frontier.
here i am again, asking.

it's been almost five months since i launched this page and there's over 5,000 people here, supporting my weirdness - i'm in awe. and really grateful.

if you're just showing up here for the first time....here's the lowdown.

if you're a fan of mine and want to support me in the creation of new songs, film clips/music videos, long-form writing and more random, unpredictable art-things (comics? podcasts? random ninja public performances that require a huge budget?.....who knows)....this is your chance.

since march, i've released about a Thing per month...including two new songs, two beautifully-produced webcasts, and a strange animation. all the content is on a list here:
http://amandapalmer.tumblr.com/post/126884237426/a...the feedback has been really great. it's working.

the backstory:

i've been struggling since i got off my label in 2008 to find the right platform for ongoing support, through which i can release constant material (and get paid). i think this is it.

i've gotten to know myself. as a creator, as a songwriter, and as a recording artist, i thrive on instant gratification and a direct mainline to my audience without having to go through labels, distributors, the machine, the mass media. i love making things and instantly sharing. and i know my fanbase: you're smart, kind, supportive, future-embracing people.

we've all started learning how to trust each other with kickstarter, pledge music, indiegogo. i think subscription sites like patreon are a new revolution in music-release and art patronage.

I'm planning to release pretty much ALL MY ARTISTIC CONTENT for free: on youtube, bandcamp, my site, wherever.

it's yours, it's everybody's, you can take it, you can share it.

I need support, true patronage, from you if I'm going to take the plunge and have money to live and make this art.

It isn't making world news, because it is what it is: a quiet, underground network of artists connecting directly with their fans, bypassing the entire commercial system. this is AWESOME.

it is, in these days of negativity and tumblr outrage, the bright side of the net: it is how the internet can really save artists and the art they make. it also means YOU need to step up and support the artists you love, the political cartoonists you want to see bravely satirizing the system, the painters you want to see reflecting their realities, the musicians you want filling your hearts and your speakers, the journalists you want to see writing about the state of the world

i don't find it as inspiring to work for two years on a bunch of songs, knowing that i'm going to have to spend TONS of time raising funds for a record, a few more months (or years, in some cases) going through the record-biz "album cycle".

I just want to create art of all kinds and put it out.

and then keep going. does it mean i won't ever get a grammy? yes, it does. but who cares? who am i making music for anyway....you, or the grammies committee? right.

here's the key: THIS IS A HUGE EXPERIMENT.

we can keep tweaking this as we go. if the patron levels seem too high, too low, aren't working....we can shift and change them. the community has already proven to be really great at giving me feedback. if anybody comes up with a brilliant idea of what would be wonderful to include in a new level, we can ADD it. if i decide that i want to spend a year doing cover songs, we can build in a system by which i can take requests from all patrons. et cetera.

this is a platform where we can be in constant communication.

if you guys know me, you know i LISTEN. we're here to make this sucker work together, and we will.
even if you're a one dollar backer, i want to know what you're digging about the platform and what's bugging you.

every patron who's supporting me is important to this community, YOU'RE who i'm creating for, and
i'm glad you found me here.

whether you're backing me for a dollar or ten dollars...THANK YOU.


let's DO THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!


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