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About Kudo

Hi there and thanks for stopping by. In the League community I go by Kudo. I make Youtube content focusing on the dynamic history of League of Legends. I create documentaries on League of Legends teams that have come and gone. In these videos we will explore the following and more:
  • How did this team make it to the League Championship Series?
  • Who were the star players? 
  • Why did this team fail and get relegated? 
  • Where are those players now? 
I started this Patreon hoping to obtain some additional income not based on ad revenue from my videos, while also being able to further engage with those who support my content outside of Youtube. Through Patreon, I'll bring to you behind the scenes material such as my research documents and facts on the teams while exploring their history.

I want to thank everyone that has supported me and my Youtube channel. I promise continued growth, consistent content, and engaging storytelling so that I can bring you exciting content. I am looking to release 2 videos or more a month. I invite you to join me as we explore the detailed history of League of Legends, together.

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