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About Logan Tha Dude

Logan here with my psychedelic pictures to make your imagination orgasm.
My goal is to post daily content on my website & never have to work some crummy job AGAIN! HOW MAGICAL; I hope you enjoy my weird but strangely delightful photographs! I plan on making & sharing TONS of different mind boggling photos to keep my imagination steaming & who knows maybe I'll inspire some of you to turn that FUCKING TV OFF, GET OFF FACE-SHIT, & PRO CREATE!
Other goals of mine are to eventually start a youtube channel *shhhh* don't say anything,  framing these bad boys for a special world wide gallery tour, posting on my blog and telling a unique story everyday & who knows maybe meet some friends on the path to success.
I shoot on a full frame camera (the quality is insane) and push myself to make EVERYDAY adventure time IRL. I'm from Nashville, Tennessee & stay in East NASTY BABBBBYYYYYYYY! If you are ruining your mental health on instagram like I'm, trying to share my content join me while we both develop alzheimers.  <3 
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The day we hit 2K I will buy a vlog camera & start my personal youtube channel. Uploading daily videos such Capturing my daily life everything from personal story, parties I attend, interviewing people I find interesting, how too videos showing in depth on my style of shooting, editing, understanding the basic dynamics of any camera & almost everything anyone request. 
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