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About Logic Film Company

When our team at Logic Films got together in May 2017, we had a simple mission: To create smart, quality films of all genres. We’ve been blessed to have such generous cast and crew who, to this point, have offered their talents for absolutely nothing to help us develop and produce our content, but in order to take the next step in our company, we need a more consistent financial support.

That’s where you come in.

To run a self-sustaining business who can pay their cast and crew what they’re worth and maintain a competitive edge with other production companies, we need as much help as we can get.

Your financial commitment will cover the cost of equipment, cast/crew, food/gas/snacks on the days of shoot, any service fees and charges, marketing and campaigning for each production. We thank you in advance for considering donating to our cause. Please take the journey with and help us produce smart, quality films by investing in our little company.
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Reaching this goal would greatly help our current production of Honestly Ever After.  This is a web series we are currently in production of which will be released in November 2017.  It is a sitcom about a couple who have just come out of the honeymoon stage of their marriage.
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