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Thank you for visiting my Patreon - I hope you'll decide to become a Patron!

I created this space because I am an artist, culture maven, and opinionated loud mouth. Back when I had a personal page on Facebook, I was quite popular - with both people who love me, and also ... those who had less fond feelings for me!

Though I'll never know for sure why I gained a following - or why so many people tune in to my content at all - I suspect it may be because I:
  • don't shy away from controversy
  • support radical politics
  • promote eco-feminism
  • am anti-porn
  • am pro-woman
  • am a tree-hugger - and kisser!
  • sometimes poke sleeping bears 
  • have a lot of intellectual energy
  • love science and critical thinking
  • am an engaged activist, in multiple causes
  • am a "gender apostate"
  • love, make, wear, and share poetry and other art
  • present sometimes (allegedly!) quirky perspectives
  • challenge the status quos of patriarchy
  • can be completely random
  • have an affinity for puns, dry humor, and the absurd
  • have adopted the stress-relieving hobby of relentlessly trolling online misogynists
  • butcher sacred cows
  • don't tolerate violence
  • love sociology, and people in general (most of you, anyway!)
  • am kind and a tenderheart
  • discuss philosophy and ethics 
  • am not afraid to call people on their nonsense
  • enjoy discussing ideas and ideals which differ from my own
  • am curious about pretty much everything under the sun
  • generally express myself sans filter - and with conviction!

Basically, I'm kind of a weirdo, artist, pot-stirrer and "personality" who starts and engages in interesting conversations, most of them motivated by a desire to see the world become a better place. I am presently on a hiatus from there, but I used to do that on Facebook - however: I intend to now do that here instead - to use Patreon as a social media platform for my meandering thoughts, miscellaneous projects, activisms, art, and social promotions. 

Regarding that latter group mentioned above, I've decided I'm done freely giving them my time, soul and peace of mind. If they want to fuss at and about me, now: they will have to pay me first!

(Insert Maxine Waters stating "reclaiming my time!") 

And for those who DO like me, and value my opinions and projects, I'd appreciate the acknowledgement that it takes a lot of commitment and energy to engage as I had been. Often: for several hours a day. As an self-employed entrepreneur - each minute I spent laughing it up with you, was a minute I took away from my business. Many of you get paid while chatting with me while at your 9-5, so why shouldn't I also get paid? I have bills too!

Feminists have "a thing" about resenting doing "free emotional labor" - so I guess this Patreon site was inevitable! (LOL) For I very much become emotionally involved in discussions, and believe my passion has WORTH. So I'm curious: will anyone agree - by voting with their wallet? I guess we'll see!

Also - I made this page as an easy way for kindhearted people to assist this "starving artist", job-hunting, struggling single mom; and in a fashion that is not condescending, a hand out, a direct request, or coerced. We can all just tell ourselves you are supporting my "voice", and my art. ;) 

Life has bumped me around lately, and I wouldn't mind a bit of help as I rebuild. No shame in that game - sometimes we're up, sometimes we're down, and I don't mind admitting this isn't my "best" era.

So even if you don't care about my ramblings, and have no interest in reading the posts or discussions: maybe still, ya know, ...consider helping a sister out? <3 I hope you will - and I bet we'll even have fun along the way.

I would be grateful if you would please subscribe to my Patreon! (Click the red, upper right "become a patron" button on this screen - then select the radio-button you most like.) Thank you!

PS: If you'd like to hire or refer me for an actual job or contract - I'd very much appreciate that too! For such, please call or text me at: 703-869-9247. Cheers! 
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