is creating Gaming videos that somewhat will support his future.
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You can see my current work that i have in store for you. If you have any questions I will answer them ASAP.
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We can play with each other whenever I am available (though you might be better than me XD)




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About LoliSensei

Hi there, I am a person who dream to be one of the most well know gamers world wide. When i told my friends about that they told me that it isn't impossible though it can be a really long journey for me. That is why I am here in Patreon, I am looking for people to support my channel in order for me to start at least somewhere I could belong. Though I am still pretty shy and can't properly talk in the mic nor can show my face on cam, I am training my best on conquering that shyness. Though I can tel myself that showing my face on the cam might take a really long time.

What happens If you support me?

Though this sound ridiculous but, this will help my future. Though as the time I made this Patreon account I am still 14 and is dreaming a goal that is too good for him. Though that doesn't mean I will give up on my dream. As you support me, you are helping me make my first few step onto my dream. As you support me today I may be still that 14 year old person or I might be that successful gamer that many people know around the world.   
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This will be the start for my dream
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