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With the craziness of politics, I often feel like I'm the lone sane person in the world, like a candle flickering on a warm Tuesday night surrounded by minds gone mad. I know it can't be true. I'm not any quicker than the next person, sure could use a better memory! But when it comes to the issues that our societies face, people are so easily biased by their upbringing, friends, media, politicians, religion, ideology, preconceived initial ideas, and even genetics! They are so biased that they approach such issues as if they were fools--all information is filtered through their current identities and worldviews so things can't be seen for what they are. And, the world is tough enough to decipher on its own. I want to scream into the night for logic, reason, evidence, and sanity! 

I do that by sharing, and quoting from, articles that I believe are interesting or make some good points. I don't necessarily agree with everything I share, but I think the thoughts are worth considering. Sometimes I just want to spread facts that people seem unaware of. Long term, I'd like to create my own content that will ideally be more thought-out and well researched than just mad-man rants...but sometimes rants are good for the soul. 

I also have a page where I post pictures of meowys... If people appreciate them so much to donate, I may buy an F1 Savannah, which are half wild Serval half domestic and have to be fed fresh meat. I'd teach it tricks and perform them for crowds of the elderly and children. 

Donations for Lone Candle will pay for research materials, a potential website, ads to grow the community, and...me doing this full-time, if this ever gets big. 

I'm starting small, and that's okay. The ultimate goal isn't simply to have a mouthpiece for me to shout my opinions at others, but to have a thoughtful community that gives us all ideas and information that we wouldn't already have and to correct the flaws in our current thinking. 

Step Three: World Peace and eternal happiness.

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