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is creating a new way to tell stories in a surprising and tactile way.

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Long Lost Friends

   Started by Luke and Da Leigh in 2018 as a creative writing project designed to tell fully imagined stories in a completely reimagined format.
   With the proliferation of "on demand" streaming and "binge-watching" we thought it would be interesting to experiment with telling a story that requires patience but allows for real, tactile experiences.

   We are creating mini-series style stories told from the perspective of either a single person or a small number of individuals. Series 1 will be told over a 3 month period via mailed letters, postcards, and small packages. Each series is 100% original, standalone, and uses every conceivable media format from handwritten letters to digital communications.
   Each Series will vary in price, anywhere from $30-$75 depending on length and media format. Our goal is to keep it around the same price one might pay for a quality hardback novel.
$0 of $100 per month
Due to the nature of the stories we are trying to tell they can be a little expensive. $100 a month will go a long way towards helping us launch Series 1.
At goal we will post a short video and give a sneak peak into what we have planned.
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