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 Introducing “LBTV“
The "“LBTV“ (Lonnie Bee Television) is a network that brings humor to real life situations reminding the world that laughter can heal a broken heart and bring sunshine to a dark day. The network is also design to challenge it's viewers by digging to the core of any struggling sitution seeking to reveal and face the truth within. Many critics call Lonnie Bee funny, messy, loud, ghetto and out of control, all fitting the description of pure entertainment. A goal Lonnie sets to fill, with a community that's willing to deliver, not just any community, a gifted community, a natural community, and a respected community. That we today recognize as Good Good Girlfriends & Homeboys while living in different parts of the world we still face the same challenges of life. Which brings us all together sharing our stories and their different conclusions hoping to inspire the world as a better place to Seriously Live while watching LBTV! - Lonnie Bee
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