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  • You'll be able to vote on various topics (e.g. Which cosplays should I do next?  What kind of video should I make for youtube?  Which of these fabrics would you prefer to see on ____ cosplay? Etc.)  Your votes will be taken seriously and will directly influence my choices.  
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  • You'll get to see silly and/or fun behind-the-scenes pictures from my photoshoots, and some from my personal life too! 
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Hi guys!  Lopti here!  I'm a cosplay artist/aspiring model, and I run the page Some Like it Blue, which you can find in my links!  I've cosplayed a little bit of everything - Loki, Maleficent, Selene, Mystique, various characters from World of Warcraft, etc - and also create my own original, unique characters.  I love getting to share my art because I LOVE making people smile.  It brings me joy to give YOU joy!  ^_^
But as you all know, cosplay can be a very expensive, time consuming hobby - especially when highly detailed costumes.  I have been paying out of my pocket for 6+ years now, and the costs quickly add up.  After the urging of a few followers, I decided I should at least give it a try.  :) 
You can join me on my cosplay adventure and directly contribute to my art by supporting my Patreon!  Anything received here will be put back into my cosplay fund and will help me make more unique and elaborate costumes!
You guys are the best!  Thank you so much for following me thus far, and for always sharing your supportive words!  You guys make cosplay so much fun!  ^_^
$0 of $500 per month
If I reached $500, I would be able to complete a new cosplay every month!  That would be a dream.  Just imagine all the photoshoot opportunities!  ^_^
I'd also be able to pay my momma for all of her amazing seamstress work.  She really deserves it, but has always worked with me for free!  And let's face it - my costumes wouldn't be NEARLY as cool without her help.  Haha.
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