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is creating Stegoceratops FanFiction and Autism Videos
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Don't select this tier unless you hate yourself.
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You'd better pay me for your crimes, Zoe. I know what you did.




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About Lord Kristine

I'm making some stuff. It's not necessarily good stuff, but it'll do for now. Give me money if you like my stuff. Or don't. I'm not your boss. I'm not sure why you'd pay for Stegoceratops FanFiction and crap-ass videos, but if that's your thing, go ahead and pledge a dollar or two. I'm not making much money outside of these projects, so feel free to give me food-money and/or LEGO money. LEGO is more important than food. Is this one hundred characters yet? They won't let me ask for money unless this is one hundred characters long.
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I'll draw a Stegoceratops dong.

For real, this time.
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