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Hi there!  This is Max(Lord of ink), i'm from Russa and i'm a beginner comic maker.
Directly drawing comics I have been working for about five years, combining this occupation with two works, but I have been working on the stories of my works for many more years.
The basis of my work is the epic science fiction story  "Agony". Here is her brief synopsis:
"Young princess Selene leading very idle palace life, by the fate becomes Empress of huge Praetorian Empire. On the shoulders of a young girl goes to colossal power and huge problems, but she endures the loss of the family and begins to deal with murderers. A young girl has no idea about where will eventually lead her unquenchable thirst for revenge.
“ Probably, we have not been given the lead role in the cosmic drama… “

This is a story about several people living in a certain world of the future. They are from different classes, with different fates, they are on different sides of the conflict, but unites them one thing - the desire to survive. They are not evil or not good-they are ordinary people.

You can see this comic here:

I also create another story about the post-apocalyptic world. Main characters are Alex and John. They travel around the world in his car and trying to survive in a destroyed world, which is already beginning to emerge new dictators force to subdue the scattered human tribes.

I hope that one day I will be able to tell you all my stories, and even more I hope that you will like them. Your opinion is very important to me.
Here I will upload all kinds of my works relating to my comics.

And thanks for the support!
And sorry for my english :(
And thanks from Empress :)
P.S.: In the summer I will make a video greeting together with Selena

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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