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About John Lordan

Some of my viewers have asked me to do this, so here it is!  You can now help me continue to bring BrainScratch content to you, without the influence or approval of the YouTube advertising team.

Why not just rely on ads John?

YouTube will not monetize certain types of content that may be seen by advertisers as controversial.  Unfortunately (or fortunately if you're a fan) BrainScratch covers many topics that are controversial in nature.  They have also been removing monetization from my missing persons show Searchlight, and even occasionally episodes of Case Cracked.  If we want to continue raising awareness and being able to speak openly about these types of topics, I need to remove my dependency on the YouTube ad monetization system, or supplement it with contributions from fans.  

If you want to help keep the LordanArts channel up and heading towards bigger goals, as well as help me continue to make donations to numerous causes and cases, please sign up and become a Patron today.  We can continue to do GREAT things together.

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