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Hello Everyone!

I know it's been since mid-2016 that I've posted anything online. However, today that all changes. I have a bunch of videos I've been taking over the last few months...which have been some of the most tumultuous times IN MY LIFE! This is mainly due to the disconnection I was experiencing from The Universe...or what others might refer to as their "Spirit", "Higher Power"or "God". Personally, "The Universe" is the title that resonates with me the most. The Law of Attraction is what I would call the closest thing I have to a religion, per-say. Back in 2016 I was fully "in-tune" and, as Abraham (Esther) Hicks frequently refers t this as being "Tapped In, Tuned In, Turned On". But as life went on, my studies and focus wavered and ended up becoming a very low priority on my list. I became homeless after a series of unfortunate events, (which I realize looking back, were all due to my mindset at the time)...I was doing EVERYTHING wrong and more importantly my THINKING was completely skewed. This, and this alone, I believe, led me through a series of events that ended in me being literally HOMELESS. Sleeping under bridges, behind neighborhood entry signs, and in fields, became pretty normal for a while. WELL... I am THRILLED to announce that I am slowly, but certainly SURELY, rebuilding my life, my self-esteem and my love and extreme appreciation for everything I DO HAVE RIGHT NOW. Which, trust me, is nothin; fancy, but I suppose that compared to sleeping under a bridge...it might be just a lil' fancy after all! Just a side note...I am a HUGE DORk and alot of my videos are just going to be fun, light-hearted and may even have nothing to do with spirituality at all...some of my videos are a little intense and emotional. I am putting my whole self into this thing...so I hope you enjoy it! And here my series begins....

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