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is creating mystery art & acrylic painting tutorials
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Each month you will receive a hi-res digital download of art I created in that month. You will be able to print the image on your own printer or send it to a print shop to get it printed. A print release will be sent with the digital file. The art of the month will always be a surprise! Mystery art! :)

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Each month you will receive a step-by-step beginner abstract acrylic painting tutorial in pdf format with pictures in a document that you can keep. New tutorial each month! You also receive the "supporter" tier digital download each month.




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About Lori Rivera

Hello! Thank you for visiting my Patreon page. I am a visual artist specializing in abstracts and still life paintings in acrylic and oil. I fell in love with painting in 2009 via a step-by-step watercolor book, and since then, my style has evolved tremendously and I've become even more passionate about painting.

I live with bipolar disorder and I’ve found painting to be an excellent healer, along with support from friends and family, medication, and therapy. Painting is invigorating, gives me an extra layer of purpose in life, and allows me to experience the healing nature of art.

When I first began painting, I mostly created nonobjective abstract art, but after taking a still life painting class, I found the class informed my abstract work. Still life painting allows me to take control of the entire creative process, everything from the objects and their positioning to the lighting and backgrounds. Abstract work allows me to unleash my emotions onto the canvas. In a way, I see abstract and still life to be on opposite poles. I also never plan my abstract pieces, but instead rely on spontaneity and intuition; My abstract work is driven by my internal state.

You can view my art portfolio at www.loririverafineart.com
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