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You will get the chance to have characters named after you in games or first chance to play in multiplayer games.
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This tier gives you the chance to request a sketch from me sent to you after 3 months of support at this level. You can include inspiration pictures and notes. Both digital or physical redeemable 




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About PaulakaLorthon

Greetings everyone,

My name is Paul aka Lorthon and I'm a variety streamer on twitch, focused heavily on interaction. I stream everyday for at least 6 hours Monday - Saturday. Fridays + Saturdays are focused on gaming with the community. I created a seed that has taken on it's own life due to the people within the community. Into something amazing. I feel proud and honoured to be part of.

The key reasons I have decided to make a Patreon is as follows.

I need help to deliver all the ideas to those that enjoy the content.
To have the projects come to life for you all to enjoy and be part of.

To give back to the stream and the awesome people that are part of it.
To create content that brings us together more through things like 
To help gamers evolve and grow, to become better or more diverse.

$0 of $100 per month
So here we are, emotes yay. Yes I will be talking with some people to start work on emotes for the stream and be done through Bttv add on, these will either transfer or be replaced when or if we get partnered. Many of you have been talking about partnership push.
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