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My name is Justin, I am a college instructor and the facilitator of the “Los Angeles Stoics,” a relatively new ‘chapter’ of The Stoic Fellowship, which is itself an international non-profit headquartered in the US. At the moment, the L.A. Stoics are a small group (maybe 10 active members as I type this). We meet once a month to read and discuss readings in Stoic philosophy and how to implement its insights into modern living.

Because of the resurgence in interest in Ancient and Modern Stoicism, I expect the group to grow organically both in its size and in its mission over the next years (for example, I hope to host regular volunteer work activities in the spirit of Stoic philanthropy and cosmopolitanism; I also hope to eventually organize a Los Angeles “Stoicon-X” convention in collaboration with the 'Modern Stoicism' non-profit).

I encourage folks to donate to the larger Stoic Fellowship (which sometimes trickles down to us) but, I would also like to raise funds for the local group directly in order to fund account memberships, website domain fees, venue accommodations, and equipment for future lectures and conventions.

Feel free to check out the Los Angeles Stoic websiteMeetup page, and request to join our closed Facebook Group.

- Justin K.

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