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Heya friend a couple of dollarbucks a month isn't much but gosh, these little bits add up, thanks so much 🌈

I promise my samples will continue to be open source and free to everyone, as soon as they are ready but if you chip in every month I'll send you

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If you're an official LotteMakesStuff Best Friend I wanna open up to you a lil bit more, so every month I'll post up an extra blog filling you in with more behind the scenes stuff. If we hit $500 a month and unlock suggestions and voting, you'll get that too!

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Maybe you read about my plan to write a series of tutorial zines? Whenever they come out your get a digital copy for free!
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Hello, I'm Lotte and I Make Stuff.
Lots of stuff! Like tweets, photos of food, videos of foxes and hamsters... but mostly that VIDEOGAME stuff! I've been working as a game dev since 2009(!!!) and I've been working with Unity pretty much every day since version 3.0 graced our screens actual ages back in 2010. Over that time I've worked on a whole bunch of amazing indie games (some of which were even released!): if you've ever battled against a virus in an online Plague Inc. multiplayer match or browsed through abilities in The Swindle’s in-game perk system you've been playing with code that I touched 💖 (oh gosh the procedural map system in Gun Monkeys is something I’ll forever be proud of!). Im also a big fan of making tools that extend the Unity Editor. You might have seen my  Lil’ Editor Buttons or  Editor Coroutine Runner on twitter, I love finding little gaps in the editor API that need filling!

I've been so lucky to work on so many awesome projects over the years, but I'm positively *itching* to make more of my own stuff and I just super want to put as much energy as I possibly can back into the community I've learned so much from.

So what’s the plan?
Recently my free, open-source Unity tools and samples have been getting more and more popular... I mean, enough for me to be invited to Unity's San Francisco office for their Community Summit! This summit, and all the amazing feedback I've received from Unity developers on Twitter, has inspired me to build more free tools.

Your contributions will let me spend more of my time and energy on legitimately useful tools while keeping them free to use! I've released a bunch already but I want to be able to release a whole lot more. I want to provide you with bigger and better tools and I want to be able to provide the highest quality documentation that really digs deep into how my Unity editor tools are constructed and work. I also want to dedicate more time towards building my own games using these tools—after all, we gotta eat our own dogfood 🐶. I’ve also started writing a collection of cute femme game development tutorial zines and would love to put more time into these, with your support I could finish these up and start releasing them. I think you're so going to love them!

Bottom line? I want to deliver great tools and games, only better, and monthly 💖 More in depth with better presentation! 💗 You’ll get it all 💓

What do I get out of this?
No matter what, I promise you my samples will continue to be open source and free for everyone, and as soon as they’re ready they’lll be all over my GitHub and Twitter. I’m not going to use this Patreon as a paywall. Free forever, open forever, that’s a Lotte promise! But the more of my income comes from contracts, the less of my time goes to work on free tools. By contributing, you let me spend more time working on bigger, better tools that you can use for free! Better stuff, more often! (that is also a Lotte promise). Thank you for your support

~ Lotte
$359 of $500 per month
Oh my actual gosh this is getting serious?? At this point I will make my project tracking Trello board open to everyone, so you can get an idea of what the roadmap for the next few months is like.
It's full of interesting projects and experiments so it can be hard to choose what to work on next, so ill also open up community voting on what to try next. 
Finally, I will also add in some way of taking suggestions for future samples/tutorials/projects from patrons. I wanna work on stuff you actually want to see!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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