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About Louise Bibby

(Please bear with me. I'm new to Patreon so am still getting all the sections filled out. Stay tuned for a video! And sorry about the underlining. Can't work out how to fix that! :-/)
I never know what to say when someone ask what I do. I do lots of stuff – write, coach, podcast, record YouTube videos … I’m a creator and a coach. I often have a number of projects on the go at once, with varying topics, but the overarching theme to all I do is personal empowerment and overcoming the obstacles life throws in the path to our dreams. Wellness in all areas of life is a major focus for me and my creative endeavours.

I write a lot of blog posts on the topic of wellness enhancement, particularly for those managing chronic illness like I do (aka “Spoonies”). But I’m branching out to write for all people who are on quest for wellness.

I write eBooks, hard copy books, and I have plenty of plans for more in 2016.
I also record videos for YouTube and have a podcast where I read my blog posts for people who prefer to “ear-read” content and/or are bed-ridden – GetUpAndGoGuru.com

In 2016 I have plans for a new podcast, I’m collaborating with a fellow coach across the other side of the world in California to launch a joint podcast and other premium content, and I plan to launch my new website – The Wellness Quest – which will eventually include a membership site.

In 2016 I am running 2 coaching programs to help people achieve their business and life goals, using Leonie Dawson’s famous and beautifully illustrated “Shining Year” Workbooks. Working on landing page. Email me - [email protected] /* */ for more info until I get it up.Closed FB group included.

I am also embarking on a personal journey of Living The Tao for the Year of 2016, where I plan to take a verse from the Tao Te Ching every 4-5 days and try to live the wisdom in that verse. I’m inviting people to join me on this journey and will send regular emails (with pdfs of the relevant Tao verse) to participants and blog about my journey on The Wellness Quest website. Working on landing page. Email me - [email protected] /* */ for more info until I get it up. Closed FB group included.

I live in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia with my 12 year old daughter. I’ve lived with CFS / ME for over 20 years, but recent treatments using natural therapies mean I’m growing healthier each day. I’ve also lived with severe electrosensitivity for 13 years (since pregnancy) – yeah, I get very bad headaches/migraines from computers, TVs, phones and most electro-magnetic fields. Weird? Yep. Weirder that I choose online means to pursue my passions and purpose? Perhaps. If you're interested, ask me and I’ll link you to a few relevant blog posts I’ve written on my reasons behind this seemingly unusual choice.

I have an Honours degree in Psychology and half a PhD in Psychology (ie no PhD but I got half way through before health issues stopped me, so I’m counting the half!!). I also have a B. A (Criminal Justice Admin) because I once fancied myself as Clarice Starling, then found out being in the Federal Police is way more paperwork that exciting detective work dealing with the likes of Hannibal Lector.
I was a journalist for a while, I love photography, drawing, travel, people, collecting Christmas decorations from around the world, and lots of other things.
My family and friends are central to my life.
When I’m well enough I’m planning to rollerskate again like I did as a kid!
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$700 would allow me to continue to pay my virtual assistant (VA), which would reduce the number of EMR headaches I get & keep improving my websites, videos, audios & programs.

At the moment I won't be able to keep my VA on as I don't have the cash flow. If I'm able to keep her on the payroll, it will free up my time to create content & run my coaching programs. She's also awesome at doing the tech side behind my websites, editing audio and video, so having her working for me allows me to spend less time in front of the computer, which gives me less headaches, and more able to create quality content overall. Without her services I will have a lot less ability to create & share my content and run my programs.

When I reach this goal I will send you 50 inspirational quote photos that you can use on social media, your blog or anywhere else you wish to use them.
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