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  • 5% off all merchandise at SK Morton's Sweatshop Clearing House. (See Goal #1)
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About SK Morton

Native San Franciscan, author, and humorist, SK Morton runs the lousiest walking tour in the City. Now he's turned his attention to annoying people on a scale befitting the world wide web. Take a listen to SK Morton's Lousy San Francisco Podcast and try to guess when SK is lying, telling the truth or just disinterested.

To those faithful and adoring Throng that have been supporting the podcast through emails, shares on social media, and word of mouth to your more susceptible friends and enemies, we want to give a great big THANK YOU!!! (Three exclamation points shows we mean business)

To those who listen and do nothing to support the show, you're dead to us. But, not unlike the church's arrangement with purgatory, we've got a scheme to save your souls by way of indulgence as well. Enter Patreon.

To be sure, we are happy to continue to provide our brand of entertainment-like content free of charge. But in an effort to bring even more sub-standard product to the fractional masses we've decided to offer some special considerations to those who'd like to support the show monetarily. 

We've got a lot of plans to improve the show. Unfortunately SK only works 3 hours a day...and not consecutively so we are looking to be able to pay for the kind of help that can facilitate all of the ideas SK hands down from his hobby horse.

If you enjoy the attempts we make at a show and are moved to help out, check out the different levels of membership and their rewards. Also, feel free to contact us and tell us what you would want to see in order to make a donation.

In all seriousness, SK would like to make sure that co-host Pete Feliciano is taken care of as well as the increasing overhead that goes into the show.  You can see from the GOALS section that much of what comes from this Patreon campaign will go back into the podcast to grow and make the show more and more enjoyable for both the listening Throng, but also those in the live studio audience. By the way, if you're in the San Francisco area, be sure to get free tickets to the podcast and see for yourself how we use our resources. (This feels icky - back to the jokey jokes!)

A brief list of ways your donations will be spent:
  • Rent and utilities
  • A better spread for the studio audience (Real Oreos and Sushi instead of Duplex Creme Sandwiches and crab food product).
  • A little something for the crew (Besides the usual inappropriate touching)
  • Development and production of high quality souvenirs, knik-knacks, novelties, and limited edition plates from the Bradford exchange 
  • Equipment upgrades to match our genius ideas like zero gravity interviews and stop motion audio
  • Events
  • Surgical procedures to remove SK's skin tabs
  • Single engine plane trips to Bogota
  • Website upgrade and maintenance (To stay one step ahead of the Feds)
  • SK owes quite a bit to Joel Osteen. (That dude can putt.)

So to sum up:  We're totally indebted to you all for your support and want to thank you. But then we're like, "Hey, this costs money". And you guys are like, "Yeah?"  and we're all, "Yeah, could you help us out if we say your name on a podcast that no one listens to?" and you're like, "We'll see", and then we go, "Either way, that's cool." and you're like "OK, here's a dollar now leave me alone" and we're all, "Thank you so much, you're amaaaaaaaaazing." and you guys go, "Dance monkey" and we dance and the peasants rejoice.
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SK Morton's Sweatshop Clearing House

Currently the store's offerings are pretty thin. But we have gobs of items waiting for production from New T-shirts to mugs to calendars to books.

At the $750.00/month mark we will be able to go into full production on SK as well as general San Francisco products.

And depending on which level you pledge, Throng Patrons will get from 5% to 30% off all merchandise.
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