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Not only will I probably jump out of my chair with excitement, but I will also give you a personal shout out at the end of one of my upcoming videos for showing your support.




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So... who in the world are you?
Hey everyone, my name is Adam Foster and I am the creator of the YouTube channel LovelyCheesePizza. Now, why exactly am I here on Patreon? Well, I absolutely love making Let's Play episodes and I think that this could really help me continue doing so (and possibly even expand!)

I have been making gaming videos on YouTube virtually every day since 2009. Video games are a HUGE passion of mine, it was an instrumental part of my childhood and continues to be as such today. I just love the nostalgia and joy that it brings into my life and ever since I began this adventure, I have wanted to bring all of the fun memories that I experienced playing these games when I was young to whoever would be willing to watch all the while creating a bunch of new memories with games that I've not played before. I am so thrilled with the audience that I have built over the years and have gained a number of new friends in the process of this whole thing.

If you're not familiar with my content, here's an example of some of my previous work!

Why are you doing this, exactly?
Well... to be honest with all of you guys, things have taken a pretty harsh turn in my financial situation due to the economy and because of that, my funds have become pretty tight. Plus, things have also gotten a little bit iffy with YouTube's trigger happy Content ID flagging and I have been seeing more and more of my videos getting slammed with these bad boys which can be a real doozy to dispute. The biggest thing is that I just really want to continue making videos, it's one of the highlights of my day and I want to do anything and everything that I can to make it better than ever before. Therefore, the more money that I am able to generate here, the better things I can do on my channel!

What is Patreon exactly? How does it work?
Patreon is a way that people just like you can help support content creators (like me!) by pledging money, almost like a tip for producing the content that I do on my channel. You can choose to support $1 per month (or whatever amount you would like, basically) and by doing so, you are vastly helping my channel improve in quality via me being able to afford better quality recording equipment, editing software and most importantly... new games to create new projects out of! Keep in mind, that you can edit or cancel your subscription at any time.

What do I (the potential pledge) get out of this?
Well, at this point, I am still working on some incentives that I can add to this. But, for now, anyone that decides to support me in this venture, I will give you a personal shout out at the end of one of my videos just for being awesome and to show my appreciation for your help. Plus, you would be directly helping me improve my channel and I would be extremely grateful for that.

Thank you for your continued support of my channel, everyone. Whether you decide to pledge anything or not, I appreciate you guys watching my videos and checking out the campaign for this venture of mine!

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