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About Chef Anna

To my amazing fans! 
I am launching a Patreon page and would love your support! 
What is Patreon?
Patreon is an ongoing crowdfunding for creators like me who release content regularly! I want to continue to create more high quality videos for my fans.

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Why am I using Patreon?
This money will be used to buy supplies such as groceries, gourmet ingredients,  baking utensils, along with video production which will include music, sound FX, and better camera equipment. With high quality  cooking shows on TV and sponsored cooking channels on YouTube, these are all necessary requirements to keep a leg up in the competition, and to keep you entertained.

How much should you give? 
Let's look at this as a candy machine. Instead of spending a dollar on a candy bar, that $1 would help produce new content.  So for as little as $4 a month, you'd be seeing your money on the YouTube screen as a dessert (helping with the burden of groceries) or as a higher production value (new camera gadgets).  All of this is for your entertainment and learning experience.   And let's not forget, I intend to "Give Away" some of these cool new toys (spatulas, silpat mats, etc) to my fans for their help.  

Also, if you cannot afford to donate at this time.  I totally understand.  But please come back when you can:)
$10 of $50 per baking Video!
It would be so great to help with the purchasing of ingredients that go into each recipie
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