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About Jose Velazquez

Hello to any future Patreons my name is Jose Velazquez, I also go by the nickname Loyzu Aritix.

I'm a young artists who enjoys drawing, painting, and bringing smiles to those out there with my artwork. I mainly draw anime or cartoons of my own design, I even do commissions and also do some fan art from time to time too! What i create can go from a range of genres that includes cute/romance, to scary, and even action pack creations. But as a young artists i want to move forward to developing into creating realistic portraits, backgrounds, architectural designs and landscapes. Plus to also want to try out using different materials like for example oil base paint, watercolor paint, charcoal, digital artwork, learning animation stuff like that.

I'm currently new to using Patreon and want to use it to further progress my artwork to get out there in the big world, and to also progress my knowledge in using new art tips and or improving my style, so I may someday pass on said teachings to any new young artists in the distant future. If anyone is willing to help me further progress my artwork and or using Patreon to further my artwork and knowledge on art I would be most appreciated and thankful.

That's it for my introduction and a little bit about myself. I hope to bring lots a joy and occasionally horror and a deep feelings from said creations. I welcome those with ideas, and tips into further progressing my artwork to get out there.
I thank you for your time to reading this, for you to help me progress my knowledge, and into passing it on in the distant future. I hope for you to support and or continue into supporting me. 

When things get tough, just remember to keep on going forward and to follow your heart and dreams, into making what you love to do!

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