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I am the man who created a world within his mind just so he can survive the reality.
My name is Miloš Škrbić and I am 27 years old. I never liked this ancient, historical name used in my country, but that may be the best gift my parents ever gave me – it motivated me to live up to its greatness.
I have studied a faculty I don’t like, just because it was respective, until I made the best decision of my life and quit, focusing on my second greatest love – philosophy.
For the majority of the day I do a job that isn’t a passion of mine; it barely allows me to pay the bills. The other part of the day I write and read.
I believe that I can change the world with my stories. I want to help someone on the other side of this planet to push through the day and support that person to reshape their reality as they wish.
I could tell you a million things about me, about cities in which I’ve lived, the streets I fell in love with, unsettling nights in which my only source of inspiration were a hot cup of coffee, the white moon and a distant wail of the owl.
I can tell you about the feeling of not fitting in with this world, about society, dreams, hope, tears and friendship. I can tumble through my memories and bring back to life various moments, but I think that the best way of getting to know me is by reading my stories.
In these, I’ve locked all the emotions, memories, lost dreams and missed trains, as well as the trains that I am running for right now.
Here, you will meet a new world in which everything is possible. We will fight together, cry together, share the burden of good and evil.
I will tell you a tale about Lion who wanted to belong all his life, who dreamed about London and New York; I will tell you about his fears and failures and one unreal fight.
You will meet Mia whose fears are lurking from the darkness of the slightly ajar doors of a cupboard and whose shadows are dancing on the walls of her room.
You will meet Thomas who believed in the impossible, and quite miraculously, that was the power that all men seek for, but a rare few ever obtain.
You will meet yourself anew at the end of every page.
Together, we will discover a brand new world that belongs only to those who are brave, only to those who dare to wield their own hearts as compass for life – only to those who believe until very end, even when it doesn’t make sense anymore...
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