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Level +1 Let's start the Game!
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Level + 1!

- Access to Exclusive Patreon Media

-One thank you selfie every Month!

Level + 10 Be my Healer!
per month

Level + 10!

This is the Level where you are supporting me for making NEW COSPLAYS! 

I will do a Cosplay every month with your help! You can, of course, help me choose what cosplay it should be. 

As reward for your amazing support you will get:

- exclusive WIPS of the costume

-makeup tests

photoshooting previews 

- a special mention on my socials for thanking you (If you don't want to be mentioned just say it, no problem =) ) 

- Includes everything from Level 1 Member
- 5 exclusive selfies every Month
- Access to Patreon Feeds

- 1 fansign in Cosplay or normal outfit

Level +15 Let's Start Playing!
per month

Level + 15!

Your about to see some backgrounds from our game together! 

In this Level is connected to my TWITCH Channel and bts of every set! 

If you are following me on my Twitch channel (LuceCosplay), you will get access to  some Twitch Rewards and (occasional) giveaways made on the Channel!

Want to see some Behind the scene from my photoshoots? 

This is exactly the Level you are searching for! 

I remember you of course that on my Twitch channel we can chat and play together! 

- Includes everything from Level 1 & 10 Member

- Behind the Scenes Pics and vids!
- I will personally thank You and quote You on the next video on my channel! (Youtube and Twitch) =)

- 1 HD Wallpaper of one of my Photos every Month

Level +20 The Adventurer
per month

Level + 20!

Here you will see a big part of the story. Hope you like our little game.  

Includes everything from Level 1, 10 & 15 Member

10 exclusive selfies every Month 

- More than 5 EXCLUSIVE Lewd HQ photos for this tier from my Monthly Set!
- Short thank you video only for you!

Level + 30 The Warrior
per month

Level + 30! 

You are near to finish the storyline! Go on, don't be shy!

- Includes everything from Level 1, 10, 15 & 20 Member

 - Monthly Photoset (more than 7 Lewd EXCLUSIVE HQ photos for this Tier)

 - 10 selfies in Cosplay

Level +50 You are near to the End game!
per month

Level + 50!

Your level permits you to arrive maybe to the final boss! Congrats!

- Includes everything from Level 1, 10, 15, 20 & 30 Member
- Exclusive
Luce Cosplay chibi stickers!
- Monthly Set of Prints (3 of your choice) with Personalized Signature.

- Some of the best pics from the montly photoset! <3 Very juicy stuff! ;)

Level +80 Dungeon Hero
per month

Level + 80!

You are a master! Go and get the final boss!

- Includes everything from Level 1, 10, 15, 20, 30 & 50 Member- 

- 15 selfies (normal & Cosplay)

- Access to 2 older set of your choice

    - D.Va Bunny (Overwatch) lewd set

    - Mary Jane (Spiderman) lewd set

    - Tifa (FFVII) Christmas set 

    - Tifa (FFVII) lewd set 

    - Harley Quinn (Batman) lingerie set

    - 2B ( Nier Automata) lewd set 

    -  Eliza (Tekken) boudoir Christmas Set

    - Christmas 2016 modelling sexy set 

Level +90 Final Boss Slayer
per month

Level + 90!

You beat the Dungeon and the final boss! Collect your rewards!

Includes everything from Level 1, 10, 15, 20, 30, 50 & 80 Member

- Professional Sexy Cosplay Photoshoot of Your Choice!

- 1 Gift pack every Month!

Level +99 Game Master
Limited (10 remaining)
per month
Level + 99!

You are a true Game Master! After the final boss you thought it could be nice to finish the game at 100% 

YOU are MY HERO! <3

Includes everything from Level  +1 Member to Level 90!
- T-shirt with my logo 

- I will make a Cosplay of Your choice for the next Event or Photoshoot aaaannnd.....

A blast! I will wear the costume at a Convention where you are attending! So we can meet in person, take a selfie and spend time together! 



About Luce Cosplay

Hi, I'm Luce (Leslie Isabel Patriarchi), an Italian Cosplayer since 2008.
I'm graduated in Fashion and Costumes at the University of Rome. I'm a Selfmade Tailor, Drawer and Performer. I'm a Costumist and Designer too.
I am Team Italy 2019 for Clara Cow Cosplay Cup and I'm traveling worldwide as Cosplay Guest holding panels, workshop and so much more! 
I worked with many important italian and foreign brands improving myself even more.

My Pride are my selfmade costumes where each of them is entirely made by me, with love, dedication and hard work.

Thanks to Patreon I can have support from You!
Together with My Patreons I can Make more Costumes, more Photoshoots, and Props.
I would go on convention out of Italy too, so I can meet My Worldwide Supporter!
What do you get from joining my Patreon?
-Exclusive selfies
-Exclusive A4 prints
-Backstage fotos & videos
-HD Wallpapers
-Monthly sexy exclusive Patreon photoshoot
-Talks and Hangout with me 
-and so much more...EVERY MONTH! <3

How does payment work?
- Patreon withdraws your pledge for current month's rewards.
Next withdrawal will occur on the 1st of the next month, for next month's rewards!
When will I get my rewards?
- All photosets are delivered during the current month!
You can join ANYTIME during the month to get current rewards!
Note it might take a bit more when I'm very busy or far from home, thanks for your patience!

I wish You will give me suggestions to improve myself even more! Your Feedback is very important to me!


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With Love ❤
> Luce <
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I will Show You some Techniques and Tutorials about Sewing and Handcrafting.
I'll Stream and Load Videos about Cosmaking and Cosplay.
Q&A live every month.
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