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Every god has to wake up sometime :) 

Think of this like giving me a beer out of your fridge for making some vids you enjoyed :) 1$/month is far more than watching ads would ever give!

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Teleporting on top of armies to crush them. Feels good man.

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Ascension to god hood is reserved only for those who have been tested by diplomacy, war and cunning.
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About LucidTactics

Hey! This little journey all started a while ago when I wanted to start uploading videos of some Dominions 4 games that I was in. This game series was so deep, the multiplayer so interesting, the strategies and counters so diverse... I was wondering why there wasn't much youtube content on it and wanted to chip in.
Since then I have gone from someone who barely knew how to play to someone that has a much better understanding of the mechanics and strategy involved in the game and many of you went on this journey from noob to whatever i am today with me. Thanks for visiting!
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