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Thanks this helps a lot.  NO i'm not being sarcastic Jenn...every bit helps 

I will randomly choose one person and  say you are the man/woman from time to time in a video followed by an explosion 

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You gain the ability to vote on the direction of my videos and channel when they arise 

this could be anything be it a game topic or a challenge for a newb gamer etc etc.

You also become part of Reaper's Gang

Ahhhhh yeaaa

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Do you have a game that might be a Hated Gem? or a challenge for Newb Gamer? 

With this tier you can provide me with suggestions for videos you would like for me to make. And I'll potentially listen!

as well as access to previous tiers

Shadow Lucious is also happy for your patronage. Any time you say his name he will join you for a rousing game of chess




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About Lucious Showcase

I am here because I love entertaining people and I love making video content.

Patreon is a great way for me to be able to focus more on this passion of mine and still afford to keep a roof over my head.

I am a lifelong actor and I have been trying to make a living off of it since I graduated college back in 2008. I'm am an idiot because I never moved to New York or LA. However, I make up for it by being extremely ambitious and friendly I hope.

It really means a lot to me when people compliment my work and this will allow me to make more of it and hopefully take my channel to the next level.
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I've been editing on the ground for over a year and now I'll be able to buy a desk!
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