Ludvik Baksaas

is creating Photography, Digital Art, Surrealisme
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Access to mine Patreon Activity Feed where I will be posting special behind the scenes clips, photos, and videos. I will also be posting my favorite old work here, which contains many different categories, like concerts, portraits, and smoke bombs photography.
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if you think one of my new photos have some potential, give some critic and let's chat. Plus, all rewards above.

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About Ludvik Baksaas

My name is Ludvik Baksaas. I am a Freelance photograph and I love to make Digital Art.
I have created Digital art within Photoshop since 2016. I really enjoy making content that helps other creators to create at a higher level. I think partnering up, we can push it even further.

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When I reach 100$ per month, I will invest the money to make aluminium prints and sell them for low prices.
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