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About Luetin

This is Luetin

I have been a creator on Youtube for 10 years now covering a variety of content. When I made the jump to become a full time producer I was unsure of the future, but with the generous support of so many people over the years, I have now been successfully working for over 4 years full time. YOUR support on Patreon enables me to continue working on a full time basis, I summarize and overview narratives and provide community commentary discussing and breaking down lore and sometimes wider themes.

The Content
The level of enthusiasm and support I have received discussing and breaking down lore has been far beyond my expectations.The channel has also starting to bleed into covering miniatures and discussing the tabletop game side - I will make posts here on the Patreon related to that including painting, conversions and terrain.

I’ve been gaming for over 20 years now and strongly value my integrity as a producer.
I always seek to build a strong working knowledge of anything I cover. This means more recently discussing science fiction and narrative lore. I've played across an expansive variety of game titles. I use this collective knowledge and experience to bring together the strongest opinions about upcoming products and newly released games.

Are you doing rewards and Tiers?
Originally I was using a tier support structure and this continues, but anyone can always support with any amount you choose.
Over time I have found that most people simply want to support what I do, any rewards were always are a free bonus and mostly these had a minimal amount of uptake.
I wanted to ensure that if I moved to posting painting tutorials or general discussion of tabletop and 40K I didnt want the posts here to be behind a paywall. So for that reason the Tiers now are there as a simple guide, and easy way to pick support - most posts will be available to anyone. However others that are community related and General Support will still be for Patrons only - but at all tiers.

I have learned over time that the majority of my Patreon supporters care much more about supporting me and the content they enjoy and to ensure I have additional stability than extra benefits. This is a very humbling thing to learn and I am so grateful people feel this way.

Modern Entertainment
The way in which we consume entertainment and media has changed.
5 years ago I would regularly watch television / a few shows when I returned from work. Now I don't even have a TV. We do everything online, Youtube, Twitch, Netflix, Prime etc. Streaming sites deliver the content we know but concentrated in one place (or until recently anyway).

Producers of content both on Youtube and who live stream are able to work because those producers are passionate, open and sincere about delivering entertainment to their community.

What content do I bring as a channel? Why do I need your support?
My channel is focused around high quality longer format videos, this means discussion analysis and breakdowns. I always try to avoid posting spam/hype content like every new release - that provides little real information. I feel that my audience recognizes this and appreciates it.
A considerable portion of the content I deliver, takes me usually days - sometimes weeks to create. I focus my content on a quality>quantity basis and rely on a dedicated viewership, your support helps to keep me working with these principles on a full time basis.

Youtube is a strong part of my personal living, but it is always unstable.
Now this is of course a personal choice of mine to work in this format and platform.

However its made worse of course by viewers who choose an ad-block (which is of course their choice) but there are also other factors mainly based on Youtubes algorithm and shifting rates that mean income can be highly variable.

Many people do not realise that Youtube does not actually run ads on every video - even if they are monetized, It depends on how many ads a viewer has already seen per YT session, it will then determine if youtube might choose not to show an ad for that viewer. You can test this by going to a few videos, refreshing them, and you'll see sometimes you'll get an ad, sometimes not - there are other factors as well - its all quite foggy and unclear at the best of times.

The simplest way to explain it - is that for me its difficult to rely on data. One months viewing figures or watch time does not equate to a consistent income, it always goes up and down.

What my audience values the most

I know that you as my audience care most about the narrative style, format, detail and passion that I put into the content. If you wish, you can help support me and the channel here on Patreon, and this continues to give me that little bit more stability.

I know that times are tough for everyone right now, so please always consider your own personal situation, and do not feel any pressure to support. Always stay within your means.

Regardless of whether you decide to become a Patron here or not, thank you very much for reading here, and for your continued support of the channel.

Your interaction and positive contributions are what drive me to create content every day.

Thank you! - LT

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