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Welcome, students!

Upon enrolling here at any level, I'll begin marking your attendance on the credits slabs at the end of every video. If you want me to give you extra credit and include a link to your channel in the descriptions, then let me know.

Advanced Students
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Advanced students are my teacher's pets and they get to suggest series for me to react to, whether televised or internet based (although final decision still rests with me).

As such, they'd do well to remember that my favourite kind of series are things with heartwarming characters, good development, imagination, a good sense of humor, etc. I don't like stuff that's too dark and gritty.

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Teachers are obviously very literate and well-read, so in addition to the above benefits they can also suggest fanfics for me to read/dub aloud.

Adult content is permitted, since I can easily put a disclaimer at the front of the video.




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About Luffyiscool

Hi, Luffyiscool here. YouTuber since 2006 and adequate editor since 2011.
I do Let's Plays, reactions, music videos and skit based parodies.

Do you like my stuff, or are you a newcomer?
Either way, I'd like you to know that making YouTube content fills my heart with joy.
With your support, I can share this joy for many years to come!

Becoming a patron will also give you a chance to influence my content.
Want me to react to a video that you want more people to watch?
Want me to dub a fanfic you really like?
Want me to turn your ideal song + show combo into a music video?

Well, I make no guarantees folks.
But I DO promise to listen to all requests and take them seriously, even though I do have the final say on whether or not they're gonna happen.
$43 of $100 per video
Getting here is the first step on the long road to financial security! Let's keep it up!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 31 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 31 exclusive posts