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Our monthly thanks audio
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Once a month, we will release an audio drama skit saying thank you to all of our patreons. Each monthly skit will include the following:

-Unique skits featuring different characters from Lumin. (Those who pledged can vote up to three characters a month)

-A Unique skit posted every month on our Youtube page.

-A scrolling credits marquee with your name included.

Greetings from The Woeful Jester
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Once a month, we will get together and make a video skit as a way of saying thank you to our patreons. Each month's skit will include:

-Up to 4 characters (Patreons can vote on up to two)

-A unique skit every month posted on our Youtube page

-Their name included in the end credits

Go Team Lumin!
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WOO HOO GO TEAM LUMIN! Pledges of this tier will not only get a monthly tweet shout out by us, they are also credited in every video we release on our Youtube Page.




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About Team Lumin

Hello patrons! We are GamePlay Theatre, a team of cosplayers, artists, and gamers coming together to bring you games, web content, and all other sorts of fun geeky media. Our first project is called Lumin: Land of Light, the first part of a trilogy unlike anything you've ever seen.

Lumin: Land of Light is a PC game in development (You can find the first pre-alpha demo here) that has a webseries (found here) and even a board game based off of the world.

We love what we do and we love meeting fans so with your help, we would like to see Lumin grow and make everyone who contributed part of the experiences we share while making this game.
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We will be heard! Once we reach $10 a month, we can start paying the voice actors for more skits.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to