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Hey there! I'm Luna, you may or may not have met me before, but regardless, welcome to my Patreon! If you didn't know, I take commissions to arrange and compose music for you guys. Here's where you'd support me if you really want to :3
Your support and contributions will go towards the following (mostly, if I can find other music-related things to spend it on, I will. But everything for my music career <3)

1) New gear! Ideally, I'd have a spot in my room where I'd do this, and maybe a separate computer with it. A small keyboard attached to it allows for MUCH easier arranging. Of course, that stuff's not free :3
2) New software! Currently, I use a free notation software called Musescore, but it's not exactly the most user-friendly. There are easier-to-use programs out there, such as Finale, but currently I can't afford it, so that's part of what this is for :3
3) This one's what the least amount of it will go to. I am an assistant director at my local high school for their band/orchestra, and any funds help. Buying instruments, music, stands, reeds, equipment and such isn't cheap. So it could go to that!

Thank you for supporting me, it really does mean a lot. Whether you give 1 dollar or 100 dollars, the thought that you'd want to help me in doing this touches me. Thank you <3
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150 dollars will allow me to transition from Musescore to Finale <3
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