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About Lunis Nightwind

Hello. People online refer to me as Lunis, and I am the mod for asklovestruck. I’ve been drawing for about 9 years now. I really enjoy it a lot because it gives me so much freedom. I am currently posting artworks on fur affinity, deviant art, weasyl, and tumblr. On tumblr, I am posting pics and stories of Lovestruck Aphrodine, a blue unicorn. Not much known like other pony Ocs, but I am hoping to change that. I mostly draw furry characters, but that doesn’t mean I don’t draw humans.

Finding a job is very hard, especially in this economy. So, I have to find some ways to help support myself financially. Although I get commissions, the money doesn’t last long as I wanted. It still helps a bit, but I need to get more support. Just enough to be able to buy myself some food.

If I ever get lucky, I would try to spar a few cash on the side to make updating and drawing much faster (I share a computer with three sisters in a hot room). Owning my own computer that runs well with a tablet and SAI would be a great help for me artwise.

I’m not some of those artist who are renowned online, but I do hope I can get the same chance you becoming my patreon.
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