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About Lurid

We are a husband and wife team creating graphic novels, animation, artwork and games. Our favorite genre includes horror, fantasy and action adventure. Usually of an adult nature, often based on historical events. But always influenced by our dark and twisted imaginations. We are currently working on an interactive graphic novel. With an anachronistic timeline, the story loosely takes place in the 90's era South Buffalo. There will be several playable characters with interweaving story lines.  Future project ideas include animation shorts and video games. Eventually we want to release a feature length animated horror film.

We currently only have a single tier just for donations. We will be adding multiple tiers and rewards once we have have finished setting up the page and adding content.
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We are currently building a graphics computer specifically for rendering images. This will allow us to buy a high end graphics card. With this computer we will be able to quickly produce high quality renders. Currently we are producing 4-6 frames a day. Our goal here is to hit 30-40 frames a day. The increased productivity will let us make more animated sequences. And of coarse more content.
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