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Four years ago I embarked on a grand and endless journey, transitioning to a nomadic life and traveling only by foot, human power contraptions, wind and the occasional free rides. Being bohemian in nature, I like to write and create, and share it with the world. Follow me for a detailed account of my travels, experiences, encounters, and thoughts all through the lens of my mind, unfettered and raw. My topics range from blissful enjoyment of life, existentialism, cycling, sailing, poetry, art, diy, craft, music, cooking/veganism, anarchism, environmentalism, and whatever that's preoccupying my mind. Your contribution will allow me to continue my travels and sharing my experience. Thank you.

Introduction excerpt from my website:   LuuLac.com
"The idea is to meander about, indefinitely, with no particular destination nor timeframe. Where on Earth did I come upon such a crazy and wild idea? What drives a person to such act of desperation and abandonment? Well, the hopeless romantic in me has always been keen on the nomadic, unruly, bohemian kind of life and fond of the great yonder - there was always this sense of yearning to be with her, the great boundlessness, mother, the wild and untamable, my lover and murderer. But, perhaps, it is more to do with the fact that I’ve never felt at home shuffling in line with the lot, punching in time cards and trading in our humanity. Like Bob Black (nevermind the fact that he was a snitch), I advocate for the ludic life, a life of play. Or, perhaps, it is the fear of stagnation - I don’t want to be like rocks rolling only when it pours." [read more]

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