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A Big Thank you, having your name in the credits of my youtube content when it is required and another Thank you for supporting me!




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Hello Patron!

I am glad you showed interest in my page, considering that with your support I am able to provide you with the entertainment that you deserve.

I recently started streaming several games via and realized that a lot of streamers do not interact enough with their viewers. I have taken my time to emphasize viewer interaction in my stream, so that everyone feels welcome, and so that the valuable time each viewer invests, is meaningful.

The games that I stream vary, depending on new releases, or interesting mods, but currently I am focusing on Counter Strike: Global Offensive, since I am playing it competitively.

Through my Twitch stream, I periodically donate in-game items to active viewers, and I also organize gaming sessions where I invite viewers to play certain games with me.

My twitch stream times are currently vary, but I have decided to dedicate my time to those active viewers who support me, which is why I decided to open up this Patreon, to assist me in generating the necessary capital to stream more consistently and  support both my life, as well as my desire to provide gamers with the entertainment they deserve.

So please do check me out at

Another Note to spice the Patreon up! I'll return 15% of the capital back to my Patrons via Steam Games, In-game Giveaways, or what ever you the Patrons want! 

$0 of $100 per month
I'll be insanely thankful, I'd dedicate more time to streaming, with more consistent hours, and much better giveaways!
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