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About Lydia Barbour

I am Lydia Barbour, an aspiring singer-songwriter. I started this account in order to gain funding to go to Berklee's summer program. 
That's my more immediate goal. My long term vision is much bigger. I believe that our culture is flawed, and that one of the best ways to fix it is through music. I can't walk up to someone and ask them to care more, but if I write a song about it, they might listen to me. Even deeper than that, I believe that the music we listen to shapes how we think. I want to use my music to change the way people think, and change the world for the better. Please help me reach this goal.
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This is the money I'm going to need to participate in Berklee's five week summer program. They gave me a 1,000 dollar scholarship, but the rest is up to me to earn. I need to go to this so I can hone my songwriting skills, and learn how to use my songs to communicate on an intimate level.
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