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About Lyraedan

Greetings I am Lyraedan, Lyra for short.
I am creating the SCP-079 discord bot.

What does this bot do?
The SCP-079 bot pulls specific SCP information from the SCP Foundation Wikipedia and posts it into discord.
The bot is also capable of talking to you and having a conversation. Although this feature has been restricted for now due to an internal bug.
Finally if there are any audio addendum's the bot is capable of playing them inside the voice chat.

More features are likely to come at later times.

-- Q&A --

Why become a Patreon?
Well to be quite honest with you, building this takes time as I am importing the information one SCP at a time completely by hand. As some of you may know this is a lot of effort on my part and I want the bot to be as flexible and detailed as possible.
You can also use Patreon to be in direct contact with me to suggest additional features and SCP's to add. Although there are other methods of contacting me. Patreons take top priority.

Do I get perks if I decide to become a Patreon?
If I can figure out how to integrate discord into it I do not see why not.
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Thank you for being a supporter. You have top priority when it comes to feature suggestions and SCP information.

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Thank you for supporting my discord bot your contribution goes towards the bots development.

You get a higher priority over basic supporters.

You get all prior rewards.

Super supporter
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Holy smokes your nuts. I can't thank you enough this will greatly speed up the bot development process.

You get all prior rewards and have a higher priority over Extra Supporters.

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Sweet mother of pearl, you're actually donating $25 a month for the bot? I...I don't know what to say my gratitude for you is beyond imagining

You get all prior rewards and take highest priority in suggestions.

$0 of $30 per month
I can actually buy a functioning keyboard and mouse. This will  speed up development time.
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