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Thank you for your support!  As a reward for your help, you will be added to our official email list with updates on the series, opportunities to win prizes, and other great rewards.
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Thank you for your generous support!  Not only will you be added to our official mailing list that gives updates on the series as well as opportunities to win great prizes, but you will also receive a huge discount on our upcoming online store which will include awesome items such as t-shirts, original concept art, and more!
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You are indeed awesome for helping us this much!  As a sign of appreciation for your awesomeness, you will have your name added to our credits for the next upcoming episode and every episode thereafter!   Pretty cool, huh?  It's just our little way of saying thank you for your support!  On top of that, you will get the discount to our store, and you will be subscribed to our official email list that gets you news on the series and chances to win cool prizes!




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Anime is a unique style of storytelling that originated in Japan has has become popular all across the world through recent years.  Many anime cost millions of dollars to produce, and require the support of hundreds of artists to create.  Normally, it would be impossible to create an independent anime, however with your help, we might just be able to make the impossible... possible!

Medieval 3000 is an original anime concept series that tells the story of Ken Omega and his comrades and their adventures in a post-apocalyptic world that has regressed into a state similar to that of the Medieval Era.  

With the help of our small, yet dedicated team, we are aiming to bring this story to life for you to enjoy.  In order to do this, we need YOUR help to bring this project to life!

$1 of $5,000 per episode
I know it seems costly, but remember this goal gets everyone the unveiling of episode 1 of the show!  The cost goes towards paying for our animator's services in making the show come to life, our music composer's fees, and our concept artist's fees.  
Normally, a full blown anime production costs millions of dollars to make, but because we are independent and work in a small team, we are able to get this show on the road for a much smaller cost!  This goal allows us to start creating episode 1, but with limited quality.
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