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I'm happy to welcome you to the MAD2nd project page !

MAD2nd is a YouTube channel whose design dates back to 2014.
Its theme is the use of new technologies in the playful and low-cost design / realization. Each video is thought of as a movie with dialogue sequences on a background of timelaps.

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Who am I and what kind of content do I create ?

The technologies that I use to realize these projects are multiple, here are some examples:

- 3d modeling oriented animation and pepakura (paper models)

- Stereolithography (3d printing) for projects of small figurines, 3d printing also for type 1 medals

- Dremel on MDF for medal type 2

- I show how one can use silicone to make plastic and low melting point metal (LMM)

- I created paper models from photogrammetries (capturing the topology of an object of reality).

- I explored electric fields for works such as the conversion of an electric scooter with leaded batteries to a machine equipped with LiPo batteries, and how to add an electrical sub system, an alarm system etc. .

- I explored the box, created templates for mass production.

- I made videos about maxscript programming of video games running directly in 3dstudio interface ! Which is a world first to my knowledge:

This 3dstudio programming work has given rise to a substring, tutorials, demos but is mostly conceived as a wealth of information about dynamic plug-in programming.

All videos are worked on music and offer a detailed of all the steps leading to the completion of a project.

And especially the editing work takes a lot of time. An episode is days spent researching the subject, designing the project, buying the equipment, manipulating the tools, doubting the relevance of each element. Then remains the writing of dialogues, the creation of pixelarts, animations, editing. Not to mention an investment in video equipment, software licenses, maintain the hardware and the coffee maker !

Your contribution will :

- To finish the animations of the pixelarts necessary to the assembly of the dialogues on the videos.
- To put in production the first project (Type 1 medals) from the videos of the channel.
- Offer ambitious content like pepakura collections on your favorite licenses.
- To ensure the continuity of the project and free pepakura.
- To buy coffee at will !

All video projects end up on projects that eventually exist.

Some of these projects can be directly marketed, even if for those who are just below, and although I created the relief designs, they were not from my creation, I designed and manufactured in a demonstrative purpose :

The channel is also a place of artistic expression, pixelart, drawings, coloring, all in timelaps and music !

Currently, I have a catalog of videos for more than 5 hours of broadcast. It lacks the graphic design of the characters in pixelart in order to finalize the dialogues and officially launch this chain. Only here, the pixelart is very long to achieve !

Why am I on Patreon ?

The channel project started in 2014, when I created projects exclusively in the concept of the chain.

After four years of internal development (video, code, 3D models, pixelarts, sub-projects, writing, ...), MAD2nd has reached a key stage of its development. So far, I've been on course with sales, odd jobs and short missions to meet my needs: a method that has already allowed me to get far but can not work in the long term.

The first business model developed for MAD2nd was based on the free download of pepakura bishoujo models.pictureOnly with the abuse of internet advertising, the landscape has changed. During my journey through my projects, Youtube itself has evolved. I saw the arrival of the end screens, the end of the interactivity, which destroyed at the time a large part of my concept and the developed material.

With the abuse of internet advertising, the landscape has changed. During my journey through my projects, Youtube itself has evolved. I saw the arrival of the end screens, the end of the interactivity, which destroyed at the time a large part of my concept and the developed material.

If I put some pictures in the album that look like a menu, it's because at that time you could click on the buttons, and that would have allowed me to create a navigation experience between projects, models, and download them directly from the videos as if it were on the menu of a game. And once this system destroyed by the changes of Youtube, I had to completely rethink my model and I have to even tell you that in the second year after the official and next launch of the chain, pepakura bishoujo will account for 75% of the content of the chain. But pepa, it does not affect a huge mass of people, especially when the models are complicated to achieve.

What are the rewards for Tippers ?

In the coming days will be launched the project Medals on a site such Kickstarter, these products exist in 20 models at the moment, but I have already designed 1700 designs and for the current 20 models, I need a little help inch to buy metal for mass production.

I am able to launch this campaign this month, but I need a little support in the immediate future and then it will allow me to evaluate the relevance of my content.

In addition, I will be able to declare a little bit of profit. From then on, my income will be made following the campaign on the medals, because the product is ready for the mass production, then in parallel I will return to finish the pixelarts necessary for the result of this very long project for which I have invested a lot of my resources. I count on your generosity at first, and in a second time on the campaign of medals, greatly rewarded for the bakers by the systematic sending of a resin and solid version of the medals from the first donation.I invite you to go on the networks and follow me !

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MAD2nd !

MAD2nd is alive !
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