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All during my 20s and 30s I thought I might not join the "parents club" or clique of people who managed to produce an offspring. Then you know what? My dreams came true and we had a son. During the 2-3 years that followed - we chose to erase the monthly cost of child care by having me become Senior Madre which is Spanish for "Mr Mom". To be more proper I was what is called a "Primary Parent" or a person who literally does it all for (your own..) kid. It's been almost 10 years since that time and of course we all have many life changes. My son is still as strong and wonderful as ever - I am his soccer and robotics coach also I live very near to his mother. The experience of choosing to be so close in his life has been great for us but costly to me professionally of course as people do not really give me credit for actually wanting to choose to stay home and raise the baby. Actually, we wanted his mother to have that uninterrupted career experience which she has! And we wanted our son to be exposed to us and not just an outside nanny which was is and always will be a great decision but that decision left *me* quite interrupted. This is why I have a profile on Patreon and I'd feel great about accepting tips, donations or investments in the work I've become with my brother (Tory Rock). I have a ton of skills that are needed in a small enterprise and that is what I am but bootstrapping all that together as a single parent with split custody can feel like an uphill struggle. I hope in time others will find value not just in the videos I produce but in the deeply considered messages that I espouse. Everyone is precious and time is precious! I hope we can all reach and achieve our most immediate goals as well as our premium goals as needs too. Anything that you the viewer/supporter can do to contribute to my work will be greatly appreciated and great considered to the best of my ability.

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