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is creating MB-3D (Ministry Beyond the 3rd Day)

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Whats going on guys! My name is MB3 and I’m a Christian rapper but I prefer the term outreach minister.. sounds a lot better. If you’re wondering why I’m here, well, that’s simple; The Word of God Saves lives and I want to share my testimony and talents with the world; See, my testimony is something straight out of the Book of Mark chapter 3. When I was 2 moths old I had a stroke, which rendered me with little to no motor skills and without the ability to feel anything on the right side of my body; but that changed after my friend took me to a Church Summer Camp when I was 16, the Youth pastor prayed over me and I gained 80% feeling back (on the right side of my body.)… That was 16 years without any feeling on the right side of my body. That’s why I want to work for God. See, when that happened I had a paradigm shift, and realized I could just sit back and do nothing. Jesus talks about the Parables of Talents, in the Book of Mathew chapter 25 ( verses 14-30); about a man going on a trip, and leaving his servants with talents to hold on to. The point of the story was to use what God gives you and not to hide it away, so that more souls may be saved by the Glory of God. Now, for the less fun part: Being a full time “Outreach Minister” I cannot afford to get a part time job, as my schedule needs to be open to travel to different venues and churches around the country. I want to partner with You. If you partner with me financially here’s what you’ll help me with and what you’ll get in return…: You’ll be helping me pay my bills, music expenses and, traveling expenses (which includes flights/gas, food and hotel stays in those cities) And what you’ll be getting in return is.
If you give one or more dollar(s) a month, you will get a thank you and access to my Pateron page, which I’ll be updating on a regular basis so that you know what I’m doing with my life and the money.

If you give five or more dollars a month, you will not only get access to the Patreon page, but you will also receive a monthly letter in the mail that will be a more in depth letter explanation of what I’ve done that month and thanking you again for supporting me on my journey.

If you give ten or more dollars a month, you will of course get access to the patreon page as well as getting the projects I work on before I release them.

And the list goes on of rewards including, a reward of coming to you and speaking or performing if its a church campus giving $500 a month to my ministry.

Thank you for taking the time out to listen to me speak with you about the ministry God has given to me. If you can’t support financially, that’s fine, but keep me in your prayers. I look forward to partnering with you.

God Bless

Also... Special shout out to The Cave Man for providing the background music
$23 of $76 per month
 Office-supplies: this is for monthly printer paper and ink for messages and workshops that I will be writing and making
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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