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About Dylan Bennett (MBoffin)

Who am I?

I'm a creator and an educator. I love helping people and education is my favorite way of helping.

In my free time, I do game development and I help enable others to do game development by running UnityPDX, Portland's Unity user group, and by being an officer with the Portland Indie Game Squad (PIGSquad), a non-profit in Portland that helps create opportunities for game developers in Portland and surrounding areas.

What Am I Creating?

I'm creating educational gamedev materials for people of any age or experience. Just as an example, lately I've been making a PICO-8 Educational Toolset and a 72-page zine on doing game development with PICO-8.

Each month I will be creating tutorials for future issues of the zine as well as interactive tutorials in PICO-8 (as part of the PICO-8 Educational Toolset). At some point soon, I will be starting a video series for teaching game development from scratch, which includes an introduction to programming. This is a much larger project, though, and will not happen right away.

The materials I create will be available through my itch.io page. Patrons will have early access to what I'm creating, not as a gate-keeping kind of thing, but just a "see it before it's even ready" kind of thing. I'll also be asking for input from time to time from patrons on what I'm creating next.

Being able to consistently create content at a professional level is what my Patreon is really about.

Why Patreon?

Because, in the words of Amanda Palmer,
“It's hard enough to give fearlessly, and it's even harder to receive fearlessly.
But within that exchange lies the hardest thing of all:
To ask. Without shame.
And to accept the help that people offer.
Not to force them.
Just to let them.”
I want to be creating this stuff anyway, so I figured I should get over any " impostor syndrome" and just ask. I chose Patreon because I'm already a patron of other creators here and I like this form of contributing. The creators I'm a patron of are all helping other people in one way or another.

Where does the money go?

Some of the money will go toward buying awesome tools to develop games and educational content with, like a Raspberry Pi or a PocketC.H.I.P, and some of the money will go toward materials, like printed zines, printouts of cheatsheets for workshops and so forth. And then some money will just go right back to other people I'm supporting on Patreon. Lastly, some money will go to boring things that enable me to help others, like gas to drive to UnityPDX and PIGSquad events or paying for domain names, hosting, software, and so on.

But ultimately, the money goes back out to you and everyone else online in the form of what I create.
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I'll be able to do regular livestreams while I develop content. This will allow me to get the materials and tools I need to do this consistently and professionally. (I already do this once a week, but this would be more often than that.)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts