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About M. C. Cheshire

My metafictional moniker is M. C. Cheshire, and welcome to my Patreon page. Whether you’re a narrative ne’er-do-well, an anecdote aficionado, or a tale-telling-teetotaller, I hope to present you with fantastical atlases for terras yet incognita.

Beyond the rambles of my pen name persona, I'm an aspiring novelist. I’m looking to use Patreon to get my writing out into the world in a new way. My favored genre is experimental speculative fiction, which is a vaguely snooty way of saying ‘really weird science fiction and fantasy.’ Sometimes that involves a world crafted from the corpse of a dead deity, and sometimes it involves happy-go-lucky cartoon characters struggling to comprehend a reality in which happy endings are not guaranteed.

All of my work will be freely and publicly available on my website, mccheshire.com. This Patreon page will serve as a tip jar system on the one hand and an exclusive membership club on the other. All of my content is free to view, but becoming a patron will earn you my eternal gratitude, early access to content, behind-the-scenes looks at my writing process, community chats in the official Discord server, commemorative thanks in future novels, and input in upcoming works. Furthermore, all monetary contributions help me work towards my true goal of being an author full time and devoting as much time as I can to creating new stories for you all to read.

I aim to post my original web novels in monthly chapter installments, as well as the odd short story and such on the side. For now, I plan to post one novel at a time. As in, I won’t be posting the first chapter of the next novel until I’ve posted the last chapter of the current novel.

Lastly, please feel free to direct others to my website and this Patreon account if you enjoy my work. However, I must say that my stories are not to be shared, copied, or used in any way without my express permission.

Happy reading to you all!

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